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What is Miss Soto's Library?

Teachers in the tri-state area have been able to stock up on books for their classrooms thanks to the Vicki Soto Memorial Fund. The fund has extended Vicki's library by providing a wide range of books for teachers from all grades, and hundreds of teachers have taken advantage of this program to pick up thousands of books for their classroom libraries. The initiative has been successful in promoting and fostering early childhood literacy.


The program works by collecting gently used kids' books and rehoming them in the classroom libraries of teachers who need them. Our literacy committee works tirelessly to organize and sort these books. It's heartwarming to witness such a fantastic initiative making a difference in the lives of so many students and teachers. 


The Vicki Soto Memorial Fund has become a true blessing for teachers who have visited to stock up on books for their classrooms. The impact that the fund has had on promoting literacy has been remarkable. It's impressive how the program has extended Vicki's library by providing a wide range of books for teachers from all grades and across the tri-state area. 


Early childhood literacy is paramount as it provides the foundation for academic success later in life. Children exposed to books and reading at an early age are more likely to develop strong cognitive skills, language proficiency, and a love for learning. Research has shown that children who are read to at home are better prepared for school and have higher academic achievement than those who are not. Furthermore, early childhood literacy positively impacts a child's social and emotional development, as it fosters positive interactions between children and adults, promotes creativity and imagination, and helps children develop empathy and understanding of others. Therefore, initiatives like the Vicki Soto Memorial Fund are crucial in promoting early childhood literacy and ensuring that all children have access to books regardless of socioeconomic background.


If you are looking to donate new or gently used children books please contact:

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