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Miss Soto's Literacy Legacy


Miss Soto’s Literacy Legacy was inspired by Vicki’s devotion to education and, more significantly, fostering early childhood literacy.  Vicki’s classroom library could have rivaled any school’s library. Through this program, more than 250 classrooms have libraries to match. With the help of The Stratford Board of Education, teachers receive mentor texts bi-monthly that reinforce vital values such as love, kindness, and inclusion. 


Since its inception, our foundation has purchased over 20,000 books for students and teachers. 

For the past four years, our foundation has partnered with the Stratford Board of Education to fund the gap in childhood literacy in our local community by giving grants for literacy-based initiatives. 


With the help of our community and donors nationally we have been able to collect new and gently used books for kindergarten through high school. We are able to pass on these books to teachers throughout the state by hosting book drives for teachers to come and take as many books as they wish with no cost associated. Through dozens of book drives, we have helped hundreds of teachers enrich their classroom libraries. Our Mission to carry on Vicki’s love of education and, more specifically, literacy is something we take very seriously and will continue to do to honor her legacy.

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