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2019 VSMF Bunnell High School Scholarship Winner, Kaylie Broadhurst

Congratulations to our 2019 VSMF Bunnell High School Scholarship Winner, Kaylie Broadhurst! Kaylie said, “I didn’t know that I was receiving Vicki’s scholarship until my name was called during “Bunnell’s Senior Scholarship Night”. When I heard my name get announced I felt overwhelmed but then honored to have been given the opportunity to continue Vicki’s legacy. Receiving this scholarship means the world to me. Growing up in Stratford in the tight community that we are, everybody seems to know just about everyone. With having my twin brother who played baseball and my dad who coached for an organization in the town, I got to meet a lot of our community at a young age. One of those people happened to be Vicki, while she was at the field supporting and cheering on her brother. After Vicki’s passing, I came to learn that we both shared a similar passion for teaching and love/importance for our family. During the past 6 1/2 years of attending events to continue Vicki’s legacy, I have seen what one person’s passion can turn into and how it can unite communities. To me receiving this scholarship is another step allowing me to be closer to fulfilling my passion of teaching and having a positive impact on my future students and those around me.”

This fall, Kaylie will be attending Southern Connecticut State University. She wants to get involved in the many different programs offered on campus, including being part of the FLEX program, which will give her the opportunity to work on leadership skills and meeting more people in the community. Currently, Kaylie is a special education major, but she is hoping during her sophomore year to apply to be a part of the collaborative special education/elementary education major. With this, she will be qualified to teach special education grades k-12 and elementary education grades 1-6.

We are already so proud of Kaylie and her passion, drive and ambition to teach both special and elementary education. We know Kaylie is destined to do amazing things both inside and outside of the classroom. We cannot wait to see all that she accomplishes this fall!


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