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Fourth Anniversary

From The Soto Family

“This week is always hard for us and today is excruciating. In the four years that Vicki has been gone, we have worked tirelessly to keep her legacy alive. We hope that she would be proud of everything we have done for her so far. We wouldn’t have been able to do that without all of you. When you show up to run in the 5K or you shop on Amazon Smile, or you purchase a sweatshirt from our Etsy store, you help us keep Vicki’s legacy going. We provide scholarships and books, we fill in gaps in local literacy programs, and we invest in our community in Stratford. A community that also rallied behind us four years ago.

So today we simply say THANK YOU to all of you for everything you have done to keep Vicki’s memory alive.

We are going to be silent for the rest of the day. Please use today to spread kindness and love. Also please visit which is a website approved by the 12/14 families to show you what each family is doing to honor their loved ones.”


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