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Catch up with our scholarship winners!

We wanted to give you an update on some of our past scholarship winners.

(from left to right)

Saraya Lewis (winner in 2019 )B.S. in Secondary English Education.

Kaylie Broadhurst (2019 winner) B.S in Special Education and Elementary Education.

Elizabeth Larsen (2018 winner) B.S in Early Childhood Education, with a double major in psychology and Child, Family & and Community Studies.

Katelyn Root (2016 winner) B.S in Elementary education Masters degree in curriculum and instruction, masters degree in elementary math.

Rachel Merrit (2015 winner) Masters in reading and language arts.

Regina Misercola (2019 winner) B.S in English with a concentration in creative writing.

Every year we look forward to getting updates from our past scholarship winners and we can't wait to see what they do in the future.

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