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Victoria Soto

Memorial Scholarship

The Stratford-based Vicki Soto Memorial Scholarship is a four year
renewable scholarship for $12,000. A scholarship committee selects four recipients every year. The first two scholarship are to our local high schools in Stratford. In addition, we have expanded The Vicki Soto Memorial Scholarship to be awarded state-wide and nationally as well. One recipient from the state of Connecticut and one recipient from around the country will receive a renewable scholarship for $12,000. All recipients of the scholarship must be pursuing a college degree at an accredited university in the field of education and demonstrate excellence in academics, extracurricular activities and leadership skills. The recipients must also demonstrate the spirit to Live, Laugh, and Love both life and education the way Vicki did.


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2019 Scholarship Recipients

The winners of the 2021 Vicki Soto Memorial Scholarship are Logan Seaberg of Stratford High School, Sarah Khouja of Bunnell High School, Madison DeAngelo of St Joseph High School in Trumbull, CT and Juliana Kriner of St. John Neumann Regional Academy in Williamsport, PA.

During the application and interview process it was very clear that these four recipients were qualified, passionate and dedication to education.  All four of the 2021

scholarship recipients are pursuing degrees in the field of education and exemplify Vicki’s passion for education.


Past scholarship recipients include:

2020 Juliana Kriner , National Scholarship Winner

2020 Madison DeAngelo, CT Scholarship Winner

2020 Logan Seaberg, Stratford High School 

2020 Sarah Khouja ,Bunnell High School 

2019 Caroline Peterson, National Scholarship Winner

2019 Regina Misercola, CT Scholarship Winner

2019 Saraya Lewis, Stratford High School 

2019 Kaylie Broadhurst ,Bunnell High School 

2018 Emily Sedlak, National Scholarship Winner

2018  Hailey Coleman, CT Scholarship Winner

2018 Molly Hines, Stratford High School

2018 Taylor Brady, Stratford High School

2018 Elizabeth Larsen, Bunnell High School

2017 Katie Harvey, National Scholarship Winner

2017  Michael Rosati, CT Scholarship Winner

2017 Kaitlyn Keegan, Stratford High School

2017 Jessica Taliercio, Bunnell High School

Past scholarship recipients include:

2016 Marley Roberts, National Scholarship Winner

2016 Olivia Mastroluca, Stratford High School

2016 Katelyn Root, Bunnell High School

2015 Mike LaPia, Stratford High School

2015 Rachael Merritt, Bunnell High School

2014 Maggie Bodington, Stratford High School

2014 Emily Mackay, Bunnell High School

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