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VSMF Supports Ciara’s Summer Classes at Fairfield University!

The Vicki Soto Memorial Fund, Inc. is making educational dreams come true! We are so honored and excited to introduce you to Ciara, an incredibly talented middle school student from Bridgeport, CT.

Ciara wished to attend classes over the summer to further her education and desire for learning. With guidance from her parents and one of Ciara’s amazing teachers, Joann Briganti, Ciara was accepted to the Summer Institute for the Gifted at Fairfield University (SIG).  Here Ciara will attend classes full time in July and August. Her classes include The Physics of Kinetics, Human Biology and Algebraic Expressions. We are so proud to assist Ciara by financially sponsoring her at this program.

Joann Briganti wrote to us, “In my 22 years of teaching I have not seen a child as gifted as Ciara.  She has a thirst for knowledge that is amazing and she is a sponge absorbing anything and everything. She is a STEM Ambassador for the Discovery Museum and is on our School Math Team, which is training for the district wide competition in May. SIG at Fairfield University will be life changing for Ciara. The impact of spending the summer taking courses on a college campus and interacting with like-minded peers is immeasurable.”

We are so proud to help cultivate Ciara’s passion for education and aspirations for continued learning. From all of us at The Vicki Soto Memorial Fund, Inc., way to go Ciara! We wish you all the best at SIG at Fairfield University this summer!


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